Saturday, November 20, 2010

Maintaining my Norwegian

Since I'm currently trying this experiment of simultaneously studying three languages, I have to really make a conscious effort to put time aside for each one. I'm furthest along with Norwegian, so that tends to be the language that's put on the back burner and I tend to give more attention to my newest language - Turkish. In the beginning, I suppose, that's not entirely a bad thing, particularly since Turkish is a complete unknown to me. Although I'm making great strides with it, and quickly! Perhaps quicker than any other language I've studied. So I'm happy with that.

But I need to concentrate on Norwegian a bit more. I've been doing the usual movie-watching and listening to P4 Norsk, among other internet radio stations. I'd also like to augment that with some good reading, and there are some good contemporary Norwegian authors out there. I'm running into a problem with that though. I'm finding it REALLY hard to find books in any kind of electronic format, whether it's epub, mobi, whatever. Nobody sells Norwegian books in electronic format. I wonder. Is there that much apathy to digital reading in Norway?

I can find plenty of audio books in Norwegian, from the aforementioned Norwegian authors to most international bestsellers, translated into and read in Norwegian. Proof of this can be found here: and, among other shops. And I'll make sure to take advantage of that format too, although at this point I'd prefer to watch a movie in Norwegian rather than just listen to an audio book.

I can and do read the news in Norwegian too, mostly Aftenposten and Dagbladet, but I really want to read some good contemporary fiction.

And so my search continues.

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