Monday, January 14, 2013

Turkish B2 exam date set!

I've finally got confirmation on my B2 exam date for Turkish. It'll happen on February 19. It's a bit sooner than I wanted, but I'll deal with it.

I've been going through the TELC practice material to prepare. The TELC website has a mock exam, but I've also purchased the extra practice material, so there's plenty for me to use prior to the tests.

Additionally, I've decided my second language this year to study, or rather continue to study, is Ojibwe. I first looked at this language about a year and a half ago and was really interested in it. I couldn't find many resources, though, so I let it slide. Now that I'm returning to it, I'm pleasantly surprised to find many more resources available. I'm reviewing the Pimsleur course that I'd initially found notes to, then bought the audio course. What a difference having both makes. I understand things much better now.

Another resource that I'm finding to be really helpful is the Anishinaabemowin language page. It's quite complete as a grammar reference. I've also found this Ojibwe grammar site for any other questions I may have.

I'm taking it slow with Ojibwe until I get through my Turkish exams, but will probably concentrate more on it after that. In the meantime, I'm documenting any lessons or learning points on my Indoojibwem! blog.


  1. Are you taking the exam through TELC? Is there a testing center in your location? I'm considering taking a Tömer exam just to have some official/written confirmation. Good luck!

  2. It's actually through the Turkish American Society of Chicago. I purchased the TELC material because it's the most complete prep material there is for the Turkish CEFR exams that I know of.

  3. Hey Rick is there any way I can reach you by email?

  4. Hey Rick, what about your exam? How did it eventually go?