Monday, March 14, 2011

A busy week for languages

It's been a busy week for my language learning/enjoyment.

This last week I watched two more Norwegian films. The first was pulp horror film Død Snø (Dead Snow). Absolutely nothing redeeming about the film. Just slasher, horror movie fun. Well, Ok. The scenery was nice. The second film was really a good film and based on a true story: Kautokeino Opprøret (The Kautokeino Rebellion). A lot of the movie was spoken in Saami, so I turned on Norwegian subtitles. The Norwegian-spoken bits were heavily accented, but it didn't take long to adjust to the pronunciation differences.

I'm about half way through the Legendy Warszawskie book I bought last week. It's been an easy read and a lot of fun. Legends and superstition have always interested me. They're a nice window into the culture.

I'm slowly going through the third Türkçe Öğreniyoruz course. And of course, I'm continuing with my twice-weekly Skype sessions with my language parter. We talked a little bit about something I had happened upon when I was looking at the Anishinaabe language out of curiosity: the number of similarities between it and Turkish. It was a difficult, halting, stuttering conversation - I had to look up a lot of words due to the complexity of the subject. I learned a lot, though. But I found out through the conversation that many Turks not only consider the languages as related, but they consider the people as related. It makes sense, considering the widely-held belief that Native Americans came to this continent by way of the Bering Strait and originated from Central Asia. Anyway, all it takes is a quick google for "Turk" and "Native American" to realize that it's something that's been considered and studied for a while now.

Because of this recent fascination with Anishinaabemowin, I'm going to try and study it in more depth, but at a very relaxed pace. It will not be part of my year-end goal, so to speak, but I'll document it separately. I have no immediate goal as to how far I want to go with the language at this point. That'll come later.

I've created a separate blog at that will have anything relevant to the language. I was initially excited to find so many links to online Anishinaabe language resources, That excitement faded as I kept getting "404 Not Found" errors. So that blog will be where I either include good links or directly document what I find.

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