Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More movies.

I watched two Norwegian movies this week. The first is Svidd Neger (Burnt Negro). While I had no trouble understanding any of the dialog (except the Sami portions, which were subtitled in Norwegian), I really went into the film unprepared mentally. Had I read this comment from IMDB.COM, I would have been much better prepared: "If you like mind-twisting avant-garde trash, you shouldn't miss this movie!" Instead, what I read beforehand was this: "The main character is a young black man (a Negro) who wants to be a Sami." In any case, it was a very surreal film.

The second film I watched was Ti Kniver i Hjertet (Cross My Heart and Hope to Die). I had a lot of trouble understanding the dialog in this film. If it wasn't the low volume, it was the mumbling. So I turned on the subtitles in Norwegian to help. It was a bit different than other subtitling I'd seen in Norwegian. I thought it may have been Nynorsk, but when i asked other Norwegians, the answer i got was that it probably was something called "Radikalt Bokmål". I had known about spelling inconsistencies in Norwegian due to dialects, but had never heard this term before. I had written a very short post on about the movie, and within a correction there was a note about Radikalt being a written form based on many different dialects, invented by Ivar Aasen. So I'm now investigating this more. I find it interesting!

No news on the Polish front. I'm still on the hunt for another novel. I did discover though. I'm going through the HUGE amount of choice of what to buy.

I'm continuing on with Türkçe Öğreniyoruz. I'm really glad that I've found a Skype partner to start speaking. I'm still at the stage where I say a lot of "Bu ne demek? / O ne demek?", but it's really helping a lot. We've agreed to twice weekly video or audio chats of at least 10 minutes and not more than 20. But we're augmenting the video/audio with text chat within Skype too. Let me be the first to say, ten minutes is a long time when your vocabulary is limited!

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