Saturday, December 11, 2010

A long week

OK, truth be told, it's not been any more hectic than any other week I've had to work a lot. I have procrastinated on writing my progress, though.

This week's Norwegian has been fun! I found a Norwegian DVD copy of the Peanuts Christmas specials in a bargain bin. I snatched it up. I loved the Peanuts when i was a kid. I raced home and watched all three specials. These were the specials created in late 60s, and the cultural references show. In New Year's Eve special, Charile Brown (Baltus Brun) was studying, and subsequently quoting, "War and Peace". I had an ear-to-ear grin throughout the entire DVD.

I also watched another, dramatic Norwegian film called "Reprise". A LOT of dialog. But a really good film. Like "Sammen", I'll go back and watch that film again.

On the Polish side, I'm still slugging it out with "Linia Czasu". It's slow going with the novel. I think part of it is that because I've read the book a couple different times in a couple different languages, I just don't feel a desire to rush through it. It may have been a mistake to chose a story with which I'm so familiar. So I may scrap that for now. I'm still undecided. There are a couple things that will probably help the decision to drop the novel. First, I recently got the advanced Michel Thomas Polish course. When I started studying Polish, the advanced course wasn't available. I successfully completed the foundation course and found it to be really good. So I'll probably take up going through the advanced course before too long. The other factor that's going to soon play into it is my Turkish studies. I don't want to do too much reading in more than one of the languages I'm studying.


I'm just about to finish the Pimsleur Turkish course. I've been able to complete it in the amount of time I gave myself, a month. I'll be continuing with the Teach Yourself series for Turkish. In fact, I've already gone through the first two chapters. The Pimsleur course gave me a really good feel of basic Turkish construction and pronunciation, whereas Teach Yourself is giving me a lot of vocabulary. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. In the first two chapters it's thrown about 200 words at me, and of those 200 words, a little more than half are new. So I'm pleased with that. That's exactly what I need right now.

That's the week, condensed.

Oh yeah, I had a lot of work, too :-)

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